Mondays with Art

Enjoy picturesque scenes of your local Metroparks with renowned photographer Art Weber. New photos will be added each week as Metroparks Toledo and the Area Office on Aging brings you Mondays with Art! Tap or click on a photo for a full-size view you can save to your device.

Blue Dasher_045 UD Thumbnail.jpg (1)

A beautiful Blue dasher caught preparing to take flight.


HM-TrumpeterSwan-124 UD Thumbnial.jpg

A pair of Trumpeter swans enjoy the quite waters of the wetlands at Howard Marsh.

Squirrel Red - Yawberg  - Weber-001 UD Thumbnail.jpg

A curious Red squirrel looks back at the camera.

Savanna dawn_002 UD Thumbnail.jpg

An early morning in the beautiful oak opening savanna.

Thurston sunset-032 UD Thumbnail.jpg

Calm waters of the Maumee River at sunset.

BlCk gray-headed coneflower UD Thumbnail.jpg

You can almost feel the warm breeze dance across these Gray headed coneflowers of Oak Openings.

Secor - Forest sun streams 7-28-07 - 019 UD Thumbnail.jpg

Light streams through the trees canopies at Secor Metroparks.

Egret-Great silhouette in sunset Howard Marsh - Weber UD Thumbnail.jpg

An Egret enjoys the sunset at Howard Marsh

swallowtail spicebush male-167 UD Thumbnail.jpg

A rare sight to behold, an up close view of the wings of a male Spicebush swallowtail.

Deer Whitetail bucks in velvet - Side Cut - 7-12-2020-012-denoise-crop UD Thumbnail.jpg

Who is watching whom in this picture of a young male White tailed deer at Side Cut.

Ruby Meadowhawk-Wiregrass MP UD Thumbnail.jpg

Wiregrass Metropark is a haven for dragon and damselflies like this stunning Ruby Meadowhawk.

Monarch Caterpillars backlit on Common Milkweed v2 UD Thumbnail.jpg

By using backlighting Art was able to capture the beauty of the Monarch Caterpillar on Common Milkweed.

BlCkSunrise10-12 UD Thumbnail.jpg

Geese enjoy a beautiful sunrise at Blue Creek Quarry.

WW Front Meadow Black Oak 2018 UD Thumbnail.jpg

The majesty of a Black oak in the meadow at Wildwood is captured in this photo.

MaumeeR-KuhlmanL-123 UD Thumbnail.jpg

This photo shows the serenity of the Maumee River in the midafternoon.

Summer Savanna - Key Bank - OO - 8-16-2020 Thumbnail.jpg

Summer on the savannah at Oak Openings.

Swan Ck - OO at Monclova 8-16-2020-007 Thumbnail.jpg

The Swan Creek meanders through many parks including this picture from Oak Openings.

Sunrise 8-17-2020 Thumbnail.jpg

A breathtaking morning sunrise over a prairie in the Oak Openings Region.

Cup-Plant - OO- 8-16-2020-021 Thumbnail.jpg

Cup plants in beautiful bloom at Oak Openings Metropark.

Killdeer - Howard Marsh - 6-3-2020 Weber Thumbnail.jpg

A Killdeer enjoys the lush vegetation at Howard Marsh.

WhitetailDoe w-twin fawns Side Cut Riverview-086 Thumbnail.jpg

A mother Whitetail deer frolics with her twin fawns by the Maumee River at Side Cut.

Katydid Angular-winged female Thumbnail.jpg

An angular-winged Katydid enjoys the evening.

OO - Vasvery - Sunrise 8-23-2020-018 Thumbnail.jpg

Rays of light filter in through the trees on this picturesque morning in Oak Openings.

PRDock-Secor-06 Thumbnail.jpg

You can almost feel and see the breeze in this picture of Prairie dock at Secor.

Providence - Sunset from GR upstream of Wolf Rapids Thumbnail.jpg

The glow of the setting sun lights the Wolf Rapids at Providence.

Prov-Maumee R from GR bridge - sunrise 9-1-2020 Thumbnail.jpg

The morning sun reflecting off the Maumee River near Providence Metropark.

BlCk-BigBluestem-029 Thumbnail.jpg

The afternoon sun plays peek-a-boo through Big bluestem at Blue Creek Metropark. 

Sneezeweed-RainG-032 Thumbnail.jpg

A rain garden provides the nourishment necessary for the sneezeweed at Wildwood.

Weber - Swallowtail Tiger on Lantana - NC Thumbnail.jpg

A Tiger Swallowtail butterfly enjoys necturing on Lantana.

Tern Common - Howard Marsh in flight over platforms 6-24-2020 - 002-denoise Thumbnail.jpg

Common turns soar above their nesting platforms at Howard Marsh.

Buckeye husk and leaves - Farnsworth Thumbnail.jpg

Buckeyes are still hanging tough at Farnsworth Metropark even if colleges aren’t playing football!

Blue Creek - gray-headed coneflowers + bergamot Thumbnail.jpg

Gray-headed coneflowers and Bergamont greet the morning at Blue Creek Metroparks.

Secor - bur oak sun streams 9-2003 - 014 Thumbnail.jpg

Sun streams through a majestic Bur oak at Secor Metropark.

KuhlmanLndg-Prov-017 UD Thumbnail.jpg

The train trestle bridge overlooking a shallow Maumee River at Kuhlman Landing at Providence.

SC full  moon rising over main channel Maumee R 9-23-18 Thumbnail.jpg

A full moon causes the waters of the Maumee to shimmer near Side Cut Metropark.

Frog Wood 9-6-2020 Yawberg-040 Thumbnail.jpg

A Wood frog calmly sits waiting for a meal to pass by. 

Orb weaver web - Blue Creek 9x Thumbnail.jpg

An Orb weaver's web caught in the early morning dew at Blue Creek.

fallcolor10-5-13-002 Thumbnail.jpg

The first sneak peak of fall color emerging in the parks. 

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird - Sal House - Weber 7-30-2020 Thumbnail.jpg

A Ruby throated hummingbird caught mid flap in this rare moment of photographic stillness.

WG-sunrise-9-23-040 Thumbnail.jpg

Sunrise at Wiregrass brings hints of the remaining yellow and blues of the summer.

Virginia Creeper - Wab-Can 10-10-16 Thumbnail.jpg

Vibrant Virginia creeper plays peek-a-boo amongst the green foliage.

OO ostrich ferns in fall color Thumbnail.jpg

Ostrich ferns in their fall finery abound in this photo.

OO Lodge trail over SwCk Thumbnail.jpg

Take a virtual stroll through Oak Openings and enjoy the flashy fall color.

Grasshopper - Mottled Sand CmpCour OO 8-12-2020-012 Thumbnail.jpg

This mottled sand grasshopper is taking his camouflage techniques to the max.

Providence SunriseWolfRapid-048 Thumbnail.jpg

The sun and the mist rise over Wolf Rapids near Providence Metropark.

Blue Ck Prairie asters along trail 8-29-2020 Weber Thumbnail.jpg

Prairie asters sway in the breeze at Blue Creek.

OO - Mall Lk ostrich ferns 9-27-2020 Weber-014 Thumnail.jpg

Ostrich ferns are turning from golden hues to brown as fall’s cool temperatures arrive.

Sassafras and maple - Evergreen Lk - OO - 9-27-2020 - Weber Thumbnail.jpg

Sassafras and maples show off their vibrant reds and yellows at Evergreen Lake.

Crab Spider on goldenrod - WCT - Weber 9-22-2020 Thumbnail.jpg

A Crab spider spinning his web on the strikingly yellow Golden rod. 

Maple Red OO MallLk - 10-8-2020 - Weber Thumbnail.jpg

A Red maple at Mallard Lake brings vibrancy to the blue sky behind it.

Witch-Hazel - OO - 10-8-2020 Weber-015 Thumbnail.jpg

Witch hazel leaves beginning to transform from green to yellow in fall.

Prov-Dam Area Early Fall 2020-012 Thumbnail.jpg

The sun reflects the blue skies and fluffy clouds as a fisher enjoys the Maumee River at Providence Dam. 

Blue Ck - meadow sunrise 9-29-2020 Weber-032 Thumbnail.jpg

A glorious sun rises through the fall color at Oak Opening over Springbrook.

OO - Sunrise Springbrook Camp Area - Weber -10-13-2020-004 Thumbnail.jpg

A misty morning dawns over the restored prairie at Blue Creek Metropark. 

Sassafras - OOP White Oak - Weber 10-8-2020 Thumbnail.jpg

The showy sassafras turning from orange to red.  

SC full  moon rising over main channel Maumee R 9-23-18 Thumbnail.jpg (1)

The moon plays tricks with the camera in the Maumee River at Side Cut Metropark