Pollinator Parade

What is a pollinator and why are they important? Explore the trails and gardens searching for bees, flies, butterflies, and insects. Learn the ways insects, birds, and other animals spread pollen and disperse seeds, and about their life cycle.

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Ohio Learning Standards:

Kindergarten: K.LS.1, K.LS.2

1st Grade: 1.LS.1, 1.LS.3, 1.ESS.1

2nd Grade: 2.LS.1, 2.LS.2

3rd Grade: 3.LS.1, 3.LS.2, 3.LS.3

4th Grade: 4.LS.1

5th Grade: 5.LS.1, 5.LS.2

6th Grade: 6.LS.4

7th Grade: 7.LS.1, 7.LS.2

8th Grade: 8.LS.1, 8.LS.2, 8.LS.3

High School: ENV.GP.5: Species depletion and extinction B.DI.1: Biodiversity B.DI.2: (Species diversity ), Ecosystems (Carrying capacity)