Virtual Field Trip Oak Openings

Join us for a LIVE look at nature nearby from the comfort of your home! Each ecosystem features a different park with one-ofa-kind, natural attributes to discover. Zoom login instructions and a downloadable Metroparks game/activity will be sent with your confirmation receipt after booking. Zooms will be approximately 45 minutes. Oak Openings Preserve Metropark is part of the larger Oak Openings Region. The Region's geology and specialized habitats are globally significant. Discover the beauty and richness of this truly unique area during this virtual program.

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Ohio Learning Standards:

Kindergarten: K.LS.1, K.LS.2

1st Grade: 1.LS.1, 1.LS.2,

2nd Grade: 2.LS.1, 2.LS.2, Strand Geography 7

3rd Grade: 3.LS.1, 3.LS.2, 3.LS.3

4th Grade: 4.LS.1

5th Grade: 5.LS.1, 5.LS.2

6th Grade: 6.LS.4, 6.ESS.4, 6.ESS.5, 6.LS.4, 6.ESS.4, 6.ESS.5

7th Grade: 7.LS.1, 7.LS.2

8th Grade: 8.ESS.3, 8.ESS.4, 8.LS.1

High School: B.DI.1: Biodiversity (species diversity) B.DI.2: Ecosystems (Carrying capacity) B.DI.3: Loss of diversity (Invasive species, Anthropocene effects, Extinction), ENV.ER.5: Wildlife and wilderness (endangered species, invasive species) PG.GG.1: Glaciers and glaciation (Evidence of past glaciers (including features formed through erosion or deposition), Glacial deposition and erosion)