Stewardship Club.

Stewardship Club gives Juniors and Seniors in high school the opportunity to learn current land management practices and participate in stewardship and restoration projects.  In addition to these hands-on volunteer opportunities, participants will engage in a variety of fun and exciting outdoor recreation programs such as archery and tree climbing.

Being a Stewardship Club member is an excellent way to earn service hours, gain valuable experience and build friendships with others.

Multi-Day Excursion:  Club members will enjoy a free multi-day excursion upon successful completion of this program. It’s our way of saying thank you for a job well done.

Commitment: Stewardship Club members are asked to attend seven stewardship dates beginning in September 2018 and ending May 2019.

Variety of fun activities: Stewardship Club members help with a variety of activities including habitat restoration, tree planting, invasive plant removal, and more, all while learning proper field techniques from Metroparks Natural Resources Staff. Club members will also have opportunities to learn outdoor skills activities such as tree climbing and archery!

Training: Metroparks provides on-site training for all Stewardship Club members.

Application Information: Only 10 Stewardship Club members will be accepted for the 2018 season. The selection process includes filling out a volunteer application, providing one non-related reference, and an interview. Application and references are due by September 7, 2018.

Important dates for 2018-2019 Stewardship Club Applicants:

September 7: Deadline for applications and reference forms

September 12 & September 13: Interviews in 15-minute timeslots between 4:30pm and 6:30pm at the Wildwood Manor House

September 17: Acceptance date

September 22, October 6, October 27, December 1, February 16, March 2, April 13, May 11: Stewardship Club Days (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)


Thank you for your interest in the Stewardship Club for the 2018-2019 season. Stewardship Club is an exciting time of learning, growing, and having fun in the great outdoors! We look forward to meeting you.

To complete the application process, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your Availability
    Check your schedule to see if you are able to participate in the interview process and the scheduled Stewardship Club Days

  2. Complete Volunteer Application
    Fill out a Volunteer Application by September 7, 2018. List Stewardship Club in the “Volunteer Assignments” section of the application

  3. Provide a Reference
    Identify one potential reference who has known you for at least one year and are not related to you. The references should be able to speak about your abilities. This could be a teacher, coach, religious leader, neighbor, a family friend, etc.

    Personally ask the potential reference if they will be a reference for you. Be sure to give them an explanation of Stewardship Club.

    Send the reference form link to your reference by email. Instruct your reference to complete their reference form no later than September 7, 2018 for consideration.

    Please follow through to confirm that your reference submit the reference form by September 7, 2018.

  4. Schedule an Interview
    Learn how to log in and schedule yourself for an interview. Interviews are on either Wednesday, September 12 or Thursday, September 13 and are being held at Wildwood Preserve in the Manor House. Interviews are each 15 minutes long, and run between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sign up for your interview.


If selected, Stewardship Club applicants will receive an acceptance email on September 17, 2018. If accepted, mark your calendar for all upcoming Stewardship Club Days.

Questions? Contact Annie Devine at Annie.Devine@MetroparksToledo.com


Check your summer schedule and talk with your family regarding your availability for the scheduled activities.


Thank you for volunteering! We look forward to receiving your application, references and meeting you during your interview.