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Glass City Metropark, Procurement of Interior & Site Furnishings

Metroparks Toledo is soliciting bid proposals for Glass City Metropark Phase Two furnishings procurement. The procurement contract consists of supply and delivery of specific interior and site furnishings, installed by owner, including: indoor/outdoor dining tables and chairs; cantilever umbrellas; modular patio seating; seating benches; timber seating; platform seating; trash receptacles; and crowd control stanchions.

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Legal Notice

Changes to Rules and Regulations

Published in The Blade Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Board of Park Commissioners on June 22 voted to update the Metroparks Toledo rules and regulations with the additions, deletions and modifications noted below. Existing rules remain in effect until seven days after this publication. A full copy of the Rules and Regulations can be obtained from the administrative office in Wildwood Preserve, 5100 Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43615, and at

Chapter 1: Several rules have been renumbered. Former 1.3 Littering from Motor Vehicles is deleted; Former 1.4 Grazing is now 1.3; Former 1.5 Fishing Regulations is now 1.4 (1.5 is now Hunting, Trapping, Wildlife & Bird Egg Removal); 1.1 In addition to fish, now authorizes damage or removal of wildlife listed in specific Metroparks hunting/trapping programs without specific written permission; 1.3 Former rule prohibited littering from a motor vehicle; 1.5 Formerly a fishing regulation. New regulation bans hunting, trapping, killing or attempting to kill any bird, animal by use of firearm, bow and arrow, air rifle, net, cage, any other means absent written permission of the Director. No hunting on without a Park District permit. No injury to bird nest, no unauthorized removal of any injured bird or egg. 1.6 Removes authority of law enforcement other than a park ranger to grant permission to pursue an injured animal onto park property; 1.7 Rule text unchanged, Rule title adds “;Feral Animals”; 1.11 Text added to ban hammocks, except in approved locations and when secured with straps at least 6” in diameter, and cannot interfere with other’s safety or enjoyment; 1.12 Text that explained the term “geosearching” has been deleted; 1.13 Expands the former rule to ban entry to restricted, undeveloped and safety zone area on park property not identified as open to the public without written permission from the Director/Director’s agent.

Chapter 2: Former Rule 2.3 Fireworks and Explosives is now Rule 2.2; Former Rule 2.4 Bows and Arrows is now 2.3; Former Rule 2.5 Paint of Water Balling has been deleted; 2.1 Title changed to “Discharging of Firearms or Weapons” and expands former Rule 2.2 New rule bans discharge of various firearms, use of other weapons (including knife, dagger, switchblade, metal knuckles, slingshots) in or on park property. Exception for law enforcement duties, or those hunting within a designated zone with proper documentation. 2.4 New Rule “Other Guns, Toys, or Weapons” bans throwing, shooting, propelling various objects (arrow, missile, pellet, paintball, etc.) in or on park property or from private property onto park property. Also bans action time role playing depicting violence with weapons on park property.

Chapter 3: Required Game Safety is unchanged.

Chapter 4: Disorderly Conduct. Former Rule 4.4 Preservation of Good Order in the Park is now 4.5; Former Rule 4.8 Tampering with Park Property is now 4.7; Former Rule 4.9 Aerosol Paint Cans is now 4.8; Former Rule 4.10 Tobacco Products Prohibited is now 4.9; Former Rule 4.11 Vehicle Misconduct is now 4.10; Former Rule 4.12 Facility Uncleanliness is now 4.11; 4.1 Disturbing the Peace. Revised to ban loud or raucous noise at volume that disturbs ordinary sensibilities. Bans sound amplifiers or systems that cause sound to be audible 50’ beyond the source; 4.4 New Rule. Persons cannot enter or remain in a park that closes because of a natural or manmade emergency; 4.6 Possession of Alcoholic Beverages. New Rule. Alcoholic beverages only permitted in designated areas; no one under the influence of liquor or alcoholic beverages is permitted; 4.9 Tobacco Products Prohibited expands former Rule 4.10 Ban extends to tobacco substitutes, and e- cigarettes or vaping devices and similar products. Ban applies to any indoor facility and within 25’ of any building or designated tobacco-free area within the park

Chapter 5: Vendors, Begging, Signs and Billposting. 5.2 Begging. Rule expanded to also ban standing on road in or adjacent to park to solicit business, employment or contributions from any vehicle occupant.

Chapter 6: Park Use Permits – no changes made

Chapter 7: Park Hours of Operation. 7.2Removal of Vehicle After Curfew – modified to provide towing at owner’s expense 48 hours or more after discovery

Chapter 8: Control of Pets. 8.1 Dogs, Pets and Other Animals – modified to reduce maximum allowed leash length to 6’

Chapter 9: Horseback Riding. Former Rule 9.1 Riding Permits is deleted; Former Rule 9.2 Areas Where Horses are Permitted is now 9.1; Former Rule 9.3 Horseback Riding Safety is now 9.2; Former Rule 9.4 Leaving Horses Unattended is now 9.3; Former Rule 9.5 Mistreatment of Horses has been deleted

Former Rule 9.6 Horseback Riding Only has been deleted.

Chapter 10: Camping and Fire Regulations. 10.2 Rules Regarding Fires reworded to more clearly apply restrictions to recreational facilities within parks as well as outdoor areas. Generally restricts fires to designated areas and purposes; limits fuel to wood or charcoal; requires fire to be attended at all times; requires fire to be extinguished prior to departure; forbids dumping hot ash, burning material or fire onto grass, plants, wooded areas, trash receptacles, sewers, drains or bodies of water. 10.4 New Rule prohibits throwing away or discarding lighted match, cigar or cigarette in any park.

Chapter 11: Swimming Regulations. 11.1 Modified to remove restriction on wading. Swimming is prohibited except in designated areas. Users assume all risks of any bodily contact or other use of water.

Chapter 12: Boating Regulations. 12.1 Former Rule completely banned boats powered other than by a person or a trolling type motor. Revision allows other powered motors with written permission of Director/Director’s agent for certain limited occasions.

Chapter 13: Power Toy Permits – no changes made.

Chapter 14: Golfing – no changes made.

Chapter 15: Aviation. 15.2 New Rule – Unmanned Aircraft may only be used after obtaining permit from the Director. Defines “unmanned aircraft” to include model airplanes, quadcopters, drones, etc. Restriction applies to devices piloted without direct contact, and associated components like cameras, sensors, communication devices.

Chapter 16: Sledding and Skating Regulations – no changes made.

Chapter 17: Metal Detectors – no changes made.

Chapter 18: Drugs of Abuse (chapter title modified). 18.1 Obtaining, Use or Possession of Marijuana –Banned within the park except as permitted in R.C. 2925.11 and 2925.12; 18.2 New Rule – Illegal Use or Possession of Marijuana Drug Paraphernalia – Banned except as permitted in R.C. 2925.11 and 2925.12; 18.3 Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana – modified. Cultivation is banned. If amount is more than 200 grams, refer to R.C. 2925.04(A) regarding drug-related offenses.

Chapter 19: Park Ranger Assistance – no change made.

Chapter 20: Vehicle, Motor Vehicle, Pedestrian and Animal Traffic Regulations. Former Rule 20.4 Driving Upon Right Side of the Roadway is now 20.5; Former Rule 20.5 Reckless Operation is now 20.6; Former Rule 20.6 Left of Center; Overtaking and Passing is now 20.7; Former Rule 20.7 Space Between Moving Vehicles now 20.8; Former Rule 20.8 is now 20.9 (re-titled as Turning in Roadway Prohibited); Former Rule 20.9 Signaling, Starting, Backing and Turning Movements is now 20.10; Former Rule 20.10 Stop Signs and other Traffic Control Devices is now 20.11; Former Rule 20.11 Parking is now 20.12; Former Rule 20.12 Lights on Vehicles is now 20.13; Former Rule 20.13 Spotlights is now 20.14; Former Rule 20.14 Mufflers is now 20.15; Former Rule 20.15 Horns is now 20.16; Former Rule 20.16 Sounding Horns Except in Emergency is now 20.17; Former Rule 20.17 Misc. Vehicle Restrictions is now 20.18; Former Rule 20.18 Driving Vehicle in Unsafe Condition is now 20.19; Former Rule 20.19 Tinted Windows is now 20.20; Former Rule 20.20 Earphones or Earplugs is now 20.21; Former Rule 20.21 Seat Belts Required is now 20.22; Former Rule 20.22 Child Restraints Required is now 20.23; Former Rule 20.23 Driving without License Plates is now 20.24; Former Rule 20.24 Driving without a Valid License is deleted; Former Rule 20.30 Motorcycle Equipment is deleted; Former Rule 20.31Motorcycle, Snowmobile and Bicycle Operation is now 20.30; Former Rule 20.32 Riding Motorcycles and Bicycles Abreast is now 20.31; Former Rule 20.33 Bicycle Equipment is now 20.32; Former Rule 20.35 Motor Vehicle right of Way to Horses is now 20.33; Former Rule 20.36 Marked Lanes of Travel is now 20.34; Former Rule 20.34 Motorized Bicycle Requirements is deleted; Former Rule 20.37 Driving on Bike Trails is deleted; Former Rule 20.38 Rear View Mirrors is now 20.35; Former Rule 20.39 Unsecured Loads is now 20.36; Former Rule 20.40 Abandonment of Junk Vehicles is now 20.37; Former Rule 20.41 Operation of All Purpose Vehicle is now 20.38; Former Rule 20.42 Failure to Dim High Beams is now 20.39; Former Rule 20.43 Removal of Vehicles is now 20.40; Former Rule 20.44 Special Vehicle Registration is now 20.41; Former rule 20.45 Special Vehicle Operator’s License is now 20.42; Former Rule 20.46 Multi-trail Use Right of Way is now 20.43; References to Ohio Revised Code sections and penalties are updated

20.1 Established Ways of Travel – requires travel only on park roads, trails. Persons using mobility assist vehicles exempted from this regulation. 20.4 New Rule – Open Container (beer or intoxicating liquor) banned on roads in/adjacent to park for operator and passengers regardless of whether vehicle is moving or stationary. 20.13 Lights on Vehicles – Rule is modified: To apply from sunset to sunrise; To require auto taillight to be visible from 500’; To delete light requirements for snowmobiles (Requirements for motorcycles and bicycles are not changed); 20.18 Former paragraph (b) prohibiting standing on roadway or trail to solicit work, business, etc. was deleted (is new Rule 5.2) (e) and (f) add electric bicycles to objects banned from attaching or allowing to be attached to a moving vehicle Paragraphs subsequent re-lettered consecutively. 20.21 Earphones or Earplugs is modified so prohibition applies when worn in both ears. 20.25 Trucks and Vehicles – is modified to permit commercial and other banned vehicles to use park roads for Metroparks deliveries; 20.30 Motorcycle, Snowmobile and Bicycle Operation – revised – requires operators and passengers of motorcycles to ride facing forward with one leg on each side of the motorcycle; requires operators and passengers on motorcycles, bikes and electric bicycles to only ride on permanent and regular seats attached to the vehicle; prohibits bike and electric bicycle operators carrying packages that prevent them keeping at least one hand on handlebar; prohibits bikes and motorcycles carrying more persons than number for which it was designed and equipped; requires operators and passengers on snowmobiles and motorcycles to wear eye protective device; requires novice and under-age-18 operators and passengers on motorcycles to wear a helmet. 20.31 Riding Motorcycles and Bicycles Abreast – expands rule to apply restriction to electric bicycles as well as motorcycles and bicycles; 20.32 Bicycle Equipment – expands former Rule 20.32 braking and audible signal requirements for bicycles to apply to electric bicycles too; 20.44 Expands and revises title of former Rule 20.47 – now titled “Micromobility Devices” Electric bicycles, electric scooters and skateboards, self-balancing devices, or similar equipment are not permitted to operate on park district property unless criteria are met: reasonable speed as to not interfere or endanger the operator or others; no internal combustion motors allowed; electric equipment cannot exceed 100 lbs; only operate on multipurpose trails at least 10’ wide per AASHTO. Criteria are subject to change as equipment standard and technology advances.

 Chapter 21: Park Closure is deleted – is now Rule 4.4.

 Chapter 22: Penalty – no change.

 Chapter 22: Exemptions – no change.

 Chapter 24: Carrying Concealed Weapons Exemptions is deleted.

 Chapter 25: Definitions. Add definition of Geocaching: “recreational activity in which someone "conceals" something for others to try to find using a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver”

 Chapter 26: ORC References:M-4 or Higher (categorical listing of statutes establishing various criminal violations)

 Chapter 27: Separability – no change