Wonder comes naturally.

Metroparks are ensconced in natural beauty—places, unspoiled, soothing and alive that teach us about our world, nourish our souls, and are spectacular settings for a lifetime of learning. These places provide essential environmental, economic and community benefits to local residents and visitors from around the country.

Metroparks has preserved landscapes and natural resources that illustrate moments in time that define our nation, our state and our region. But preservation is only the start. Natural habitats have been restored throughout the park district.

We do this to create, develop, improve, protect and promote clean, safe, natural parks. We encourage everyone to get out there, get connected and discover the natural world right outside your door. It's a beautiful place to be.

Prescribed Burns

Land Restoration

Seeding the Future

Marsh Restoration


Oak Wilt

Tree Planting Tools


Cattle Grazing

Monitoring Programs

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