Take the Trail Challenge

Set a Goal and Hit the Trail

Join the Metroparks Trail Challenge! Sign up, set a goal, and hit the trails for your health and wellbeing, while making friends and memories along the way. Everyone enrolled in the Trail Challenge is invited to participate in a Facebook group to share photos, experiences and words of encouragement to others. As always, ALL miles count toward your goal, regardless of where you choose to recreate – miles in a Metropark, in your neighborhood, a City Park, on vacation or anywhere outdoors that you are purposefully accumulating miles.

The Metroparks Trail Challenge is supported by Ridge & River.

Trail Challengers receive:

  • Eco-friendly stainless steel water bottle, if you're just renewing for the $5 fee you'll only receive the sticker rewards.
  • Metroparks Toledo Trail Challenge sticker
  • Opportunity to earn hiking, biking, park stickers and invitations to earn special stickers
  • Entry into private Trail Challenge Facebook group
  • Special coupon offers to shop at Ridge & River!

Get Outside Yourself

  • Registration Fee: $20 [Register]
    • OR Renew your challenge for only $5 [Register]
  • Runs: January 1 through December 31, 2024
  • Set your goal(s)

How to Earn Stickers [Sticker Catalog]:

  • Hiking, walking, running 100 miles: One sticker awarded per 100 miles.
  • Biking 100 miles: One sticker awarded per 100 miles.
  • Park stickers: Hike every trail at a park and receive a sticker for that park. 19 Metroparks.
  • Paddling: Available to those with their own canoe, kayak, or stand up paddleboard. Can also rent a kayak or attend a Metroparks *program.
  • Tree climbing: Attend a tree climbing *program.
  • Archery: Available to those with their own archery equipment. Participants can also rent archery equipment or attend a Metroparks *program.
  • Special Stickers: be on the lookout for special stickers available for a limited time!

*Please bring your Trail Challenge water bottle to the rentals or Metroparks program to receive your sticker! All other stickers will be available at the Manor House front desk during regular business hours.

Download the Tracking Form [Excel] [PDF]

Questions? Contact Ashley Smith at or 419-265-2920.

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New Year's Resolution

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to exercise more, experience new things, or improve your mental health by spending time in nature? Metroparks Trail Challenge is a low-cost, customizable program that helps keep you on track to meet your goals.

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