Invasive Species

Invasive species are flora or fauna that are not native to a given environment. Yet, when introduced to that environment, they can negatively impact the native species there. Here in Ohio, you might be familiar with the emerald ash borer, responsible for killing tens of millions of native ash trees; the Japanese honeysuckle, which when left unchecked can stifle the growth of native species; and garlic mustard, which can dominate even well-kept spaces.

While many non-native species are beautiful, like pine trees and other woody plants, it’s important to understand that these species do not belong in northwest Ohio, and can negatively impact the local flora and fauna. In order to restore the region to its natural state, Metroparks Toledo works diligently to remove non-native and invasive species and replace them with beautiful native plants, particularly using seeds and saplings from the Blue Creek Native Nursery.

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