Bidding and Procurement

Planet BidsTM

Metroparks Toledo utilizes Planet Bids™ which is a fully automated web-based vendor and bid management system for bidding and procurement of goods and services. This system makes doing business with Metroparks Toledo easier by allowing you to maintain your own profile as a new or existing vendor. You will also receive automatic e-mail notifications for selected bid opportunities and up-to-date information regarding bid requests.

Planet Bids contains our current bid project list, plan/document holders list, bid results, and allows you to maintain your own vendor profile.  Additionally, you may sign up for email notifications for specific bid opportunities and new bid request information.

If you need assistance or training with using Planet Bids, please email

All bids and proposals are due at the time and date as specified in the bid documents.


Prevailing Wage

Prevailing wage law is generally contained in Ohio Revised Code Ch. 4115 and requires the payment of prevailing wages for certain projects.

Prevailing wages must be paid for any “public improvement” with total costs at or above the current thresholds [Details] as determined and adjusted biennially by the Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce. Public improvement includes all buildings, roads, streets, alleys, sewers, ditches, sewage disposal plants, water works, and all other structures or works constructed by a public authority or by any person pursuant to a contract with a public authority.

To view current prevailing wage rates, please create an account with the Ohio Department of Commerce.

See prevailing wage rates

Projects using Federal Funds may be subject to Federal (Davis-Bacon) Prevailing Wage Rates. Specific requirements will be included in the bidding documents.


The Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Area is soliciting STATEMENTS OF QUALIFICATIONS (SOQ) from qualified firms to provide Design-Build Professional Services for the Ward Pavilion HVAC Chiller Replacement Project, Wildwood Preserve Metropark.

QUALIFICATIONS STATEMENTS will be received by 1:00 p.m. local time, Friday, March 8, 2024 via PlanetBids. Qualification Statements received after the specified due date and time will not be considered.

THE SCOPE OF WORK consists of the design, permitting and construction for the replacement of the existing 40 Ton HVAC chiller unit serving the Ward Pavilion at

Wildwood Preserve Metropark, 4830 W. Central Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43615 and related incidental work. Bidders may obtain the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) document and additional information by visiting and following the Current Opportunities link.

Proposers not registered on the PlanetBids Metroparks Toledo Vendor Portal must first create a free Vendor Profile by clicking New Vendor Registration. For additional guidance regarding electronic bidding, proposers can click the Help Center (Headset icon in the upper right of the Vendor Portal) to review the frequently asked questions, get the PlanetBids contact information, or open a support ticket with PlanetBids. Each proposer shall be responsible for submitting its electronic proposal before the bid deadline.

Interested firms must submit (1) electronic copy in PDF format via electronic mail via

PlanetBids as instructed. The Owner reserves the right to waive any defect or technicality in any SOQ received or to eliminate any firm that submits an incomplete or inadequate SOQ or that is not responsive to the requirements of this RFQ.

Inquiries related to this solicitation may be directed via email to the Metroparks Toledo

Planning & Construction team at


By order of the Board of Park Commissioners


David D. Zenk, Director


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