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Come for the view, then follow an historical path beside the scenic Maumee River.

Farnsworth is a narrow park along the Maumee River overlooking Missionary, Butler and Indian islands, which are owned by the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

The ruins of the Interurban Bridge, which crosses the river at Farnsworth, is a favorite subject of painters and photographers. The iconic bridge is partially built atop Roche de Bout, a large, protruding rock in the river that served as an early landmark for native people, European explorers and armies. The abandoned span, once the world's largest earth-filled, concrete reinforced bridge, was part of a commuter railway system.

Farnsworth has always been about the water. Water-based recreation has been a focus of the park since its inception when it was originally named Waterville Park.

Stay the night.

Amenities and features at Farnsworth include indoor and picnic facilities, fishing, camping and historical WPA buildings and bridges. 

The Towpath Trail

The Towpath Trail, which is part of the Buckeye Trail (marked with blue blazes), follows the remains of the Miami and Erie Canal along the old towpath where mules once towed flat-bottom boats along the waterway. The 8-mile trail connects Providence, Bend View and Farnsworth Metroparks.

Paddling Sports

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Towpath Trail

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Kayak Concession

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