Windows On Wildlife

Did you ever want wildlife to come to you?

Take a seat in a warm, dry place where you can observe birds and other wildlife attracted to feeding stations and water features. Windows On Wildlife in six Metroparks are mini-nature centers open every day during park hours.

WOWs are located at:

Wildwood Preserve, at the Metz Visitors Center

Pearson, at the Packer-Hammersmith Center

Swan Creek Preserve, at the Yager Center

Side Cut, at the Wayne Street parking area

Oak Openings Preserve, at the Buehner Center at the Mallard Lake Area

Secor, at the Secor Room

Each of these rooms looks out onto professionally created and maintained wildlife feeding stations outside, with interpretive information inside to help you identify the birds and other animals that you are looking at. Windows on Wildlife are handicap accessible and heated for year-round use by everyone.

Window on Wildlife Webcams

Made possible by Lott-Conlon Foundation.


Secor, Window on Wildlife


Wildwood, Window on Wildlife

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