Packer-Hammersmith Center

Park—Pearson Metropark

Park Entrance Address: 761 S. Lallendorf Rd. (between Navarre and Starr), Oregon, Ohio 43616

Parking Location: Link to Map

Getting to the Facility: Follow Pearson Park Drive, pass parking lot 3. Packer-Hammersmith Center will be next on your right before parking lot 4. Parking lot 4 is approximately 300 feet from the facility. Parking is not guaranteed for any event. Please Note: No parking allowed in the loading zone, use lots 3 and 4 for closest parking.

Price: Daily, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., $200 or 9 a.m.–11 p.m. $300. There is a $25 fee for set-up, tear-down and sanitation added during checkout.

Hours: Daily, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. or 9 a.m.–11 p.m.

Capacity: 45. Please note that due to Social Distancing, this room's capacity has been temporarily reduced to 20 guest. These maximums will be adjusted and return to normal as state of Ohio guidelines adapt to the coronavirus situation.

Check availability and Reserve

Have questions about reservations? Call 419-407-9714.

Features and Amenities—Packer-Hammersmith Center

Tables and Chairs: There are eight—6 foot rectangular tables, two- 4 foot round tables and 45 folding chairs.

Alcohol: Alcohol is permitted inside facility, only.

Playground: The nearest playground is 770 feet from Packer-Hammersmith. Playground equipment includes: handicapped accessible swings, swings, slides and climbing equipment.

Electrical Outlets: 3 outlets in the kitchen and 9 in main room.

Grill(s): Gas grill on patio.

Fireplace: Switch operated gas fireplace, indoor. The mantle is 14 inches deep x 9 feet 4 inches long.

Kitchen Facilities: Sink, counter, microwave, and refrigerator/freezer.

AV Equipment: TV with HDMI Capabilities.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside the facility and within 25 feet of the facility entrance.

Heat and Air Conditioning: The building is heated and air conditioned.

Restrooms: There is one unisex restroom inside the facility.

Additional Information: The Window on Wildlife is attached to this facility, with a separate entrance that remains open to the public. A utility cart is available inside the facility. Front/Side outdoor areas are not able to be reserved and will remain open to the public. Parking is not guaranteed. At this time 'Open Houses' have been cancelled.