One for the birds! 

Chasing birds around the globe is a passion for avid birders, but you don’t have to rack up frequent flyer miles to find new feathered friends. A birding adventure is as close as the nearest Metropark.

Take a walk on any trail, visit one of the Windows On Wildlife or attend a program to learn about the amazing diversity of birds in our region. Because northwest Ohio lies at the crossroads of two busy flyways for migrating birds, any Metropark on any given day—especially spring and fall—can bring a delightful surprise. Programs can even be adapted for your group’s age, subject requirements and interests.

Lucas County has an abundance of birds and plenty of places to see them. Metroparks is part of the Lake Erie Birding Trail, featuring the premiere sites to see almost 400 species. While the spring migration of warblers—those colorful little songbirds—put northwest Ohio on the map as a birding destination, there are plenty of birds of all sizes to see any season.


Download the Metroparks Birding checklist here.



The Spring Migration

Enjoy one of the most exciting birding events of the year with Metroparks.
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Take a Look!

Several parks allow visitors to view birds up close and personal.
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Wetland Restoration Part Of The Solution

Every spring, bird enthusiasts from around the world flock to the south shore of Lake Erie for the annual warbler migration. Now, those birders will have another destination – a new Metropark.

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Scouts Build Homes for Birds

Local Girl Scouts built house wren boxes for Swan Creek Preserve and Middlegrounds Metroparks to provide safe nesting havens for the birds.

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Pine Siskin is Adapted for Winter

As their name suggests, the pine siskin (Carduelis pinus) prefers seeds from pines and other conifers such as hemlock and cedar. They will also eat tree buds and catkins from alders and birches, as well as insects, spiders, and seeds. They love thistle seed and will visit your thistle feeder along with goldfinches.

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The Birds of 2014: A Year To Remember

This has been a year that will be remembered for a long time for folks who enjoy watching birds. With the great weather and favorable wind directions, a terrific diversity of winged wanderers has been visiting the area.

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