Blue Creek Nursery

Metroparks Toledo’s Blue Creek Nursery is the largest publicly owned nursery in Ohio, and is home to a variety of native plants. The nursery provides seeds and plants to restore and preserve natural areas throughout the region. Native plants are tantamount to supporting biodiversity because they are adapted to our environment and vice versa, bringing back a home for insects and wildlife. Blue Creek Nursery’s native plants are especially important for pollinators like honeybees; vital to humanity’s survival.

In 2015, seeds were collected from more than 170 species, including six new species. Some 40,000 seedlings were added to the production fields. The nursery now has 58 species in production, including 12 state-listed plants. There are also 16 species of shrubs (784 plants) in production.

Park Entrance Address: Waterville-Neapolis Road at Schadel Road, Whitehouse

Planting native vegetation while battling non-native, invasive species that threaten our natural integrity is a never-ending task for the Natural Resources Dept. In this final video of a four-part series, Tim Gallaher, a natural resources supervisor, talks about preserving and restoring natural areas with plant seeds collected in the wild or propagated in the Metroparks nursery.

This video made possible by the Carson Family Fund at the Greater Toledo Community Foundation. Sponsored by the Metroparks Toledo Foundation.

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