Today, Tomorrow, the Future.

Metroparks plan to ensure a healthy park district for future generations.
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A World-Class Park System

A collection of special places.

Up to four million times a year, people choose to spend time in a Metropark. People recognize that parks are special places to gather, to exercise, recreate and learn about nature.

Metroparks protect our community’s natural resources by using public dollars responsibly to conserve, preserve and restore areas that provide remarkable environmental and economic value for all of northwest Ohio. Parks and open space benefit the community by helping clean the air and water, retain storm water, provide essential habitat for wildlife and enhance property values. Currently, Metroparks is building on one of the world’s great park systems with abundant beauty and biodiversity, boundless opportunities for outdoor adventure, a rich historic legacy and careful planning for the future.

Making Connections

Metroparks is actively seeking to connect parks to parks, parks to people, and people to communities. Every Lucas County resident will soon be just minutes from essential open spaces, forests, wetlands, trails and other green resources.
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A Rich History

Metroparks of Toledo connects parks to people and people with nature in compelling and exciting ways. Soon, everyone in Lucas County will live within a mere hop, skip and a jump from a Metropark.
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Our Value Proposition

There are ways to measure the economic impact of a world-class park system, such as increased property values, ecotourism, water and air quality, ecological vitality and personal health.
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Our Mission

Join Metroparks of the Toledo Area, and together we will continue to conserve and restore clean, safe and natural places.
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