Safety and Security

Metroparks are patrolled by a professional staff of park rangers who are certified Ohio peace officers. Members of the Volunteer Trail Patrol walk the parks in pairs to provide customer service to park visitors while being additional eyes and ears for the law enforcement officers. Park rangers have long embraced the concept of community policing– partnering with communities and park visitors to ensure everyone has a positive experience when visiting a Metropark.


In an emergency call 911.

To contact the ranger on duty at any park, please see the phone number on the page for that park. Go to the Explore section.

Lost and Found

Lost something in a Metropark? Please contact the ranger on duty (phone numbers listed on each park’s web page), or contact us by email. Please give a description of the item, the date and location (name of park) where it was lost and other information that might help to locate it.

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Warmer weather and rain create conditions for ticks to thrive. Know how to take precautions against ticks for you and your pets with the following advice from the Metroparks staff. Prime time for ticks in Ohio is April through September.

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