Mosquito Control in the Metroparks

Metroparks Integrated Mosquito Management Policy

Mosquitoes are a natural component of the northwest Ohio environment. In fact, birds, bats, amphibians, and other insects also living in the same ecosystems often rely on mosquitoes as a food source.

When making decisions about controlling mosquitoes in our parks, Metroparks must consider public health and safety as well as impacts to wildlife and other natural resources we steward.

The following are practices approved by Metroparks as part of the Integrated Mosquito Management Policy. 

  • Larvicide granules---Metroparks permits the Toledo Area Sanitary District (TASD) to apply bacterial controls in all catch basins within parklands and some woodland pools. The basins typically trap water, which can lead to mosquito breeding sites. The bacteria controls which have been approved for use are Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis or Bti and Bacillus sphaericus. They both kill developing mosquitoes. 
  • Monitoring---Metroparks permits TASD to monitor mosquito populations and disease prevalence in those populations using adult mosquito traps stationed throughout the park system. Standing water is also checked regularly for breeding mosquitoes. Trapped mosquitoes are sent to a state laboratory for disease testing.
  • Adult Spraying---In response to a positive test result for West Nile virus, Metroparks may permit TASD to perform spraying for adult mosquitoes to prevent disease transmission. Such spraying is focused in areas of intense public use. 
  • Personal Protection---Metroparks promotes to the public that personal protection is the best defense against mosquito-borne disease. Metroparks recommends that park visitors consider applying an insect repellant to their clothing before leaving home or upon arriving at the park.


About West Nile prevention and personal protection (from the CDC)

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