Windows on Wildlife

Professionally maintained feeding stations for your enjoyment.
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Swan Creek

Relax and enjoy nature without leaving the city at a pleasant urban oasis.

Like any metropolitan area, much of the Toledo region’s population is concentrated in the city of Toledo. Many who do not live in the city, spend their working days in downtown Toledo. Swan Creek Preserve provides a pleasant, pastoral respite from city life for people who look to the park to connect with nature.

Escape in the shadow of the city.

The South Toledo park named for the creek is an oasis in an urban area, providing crucial feeding and resting ground for migratory birds and a nesting area for resident species. The forested banks of Swan Creek offer a sheltered corridor of wild vegetation in the midst of the city. Animals such as deer, fox and raccoon use the corridor to move between feeding, resting and mating areas.

Swan Creek spans 441 acres and an additional 154 acres along the Swan Creek Corridor. Activities and attractions include scenic overlooks along the trails, a swinging bridge, indoor and picnic shelters, a playground and wildlife feedings stations with indoor viewing areas, called Windows on Wildlife.


Swinging Bridge

Enjoy the views as you cross over Swan Creek.
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Yager Center

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