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Whether it’s training for your first 5K or running a marathon, you can find the trails and training you need at Metroparks.

Running at Wildwood

Wildwood offers over 8 miles of dirt trails and 3 miles of paved roads. This park connects you to the 6-mile, paved University/Parks Trail, with parking all along the way. 

Running at Oak Openings

Oak Openings is host to several trails ideal for running or training for any road race. Several long distance trails make their home here as the Wabash Cannonball trail follows a former rail line through the park, connecting with the Oak Openings All Purpose trail. 

Running at Pearson

Pearson features a perfectly named Exercise trail around the perimeter of the park. Beginning and ending at a fitness station, this 3-mile loop is perfect for interval training or shorter training runs. 

Running at Side Cut

Beginning in Side Cut is the Fallen Timbers trail. This almost 4-mile trail is perfect for more intense training as it leads you up a steep hill towards the Fallen Timbers Monument. There is also a shorter loop trail perfect for "repeats" should that be part of your training schedule. 

Running the Towpath Trail

Providence, Bend View and Farnsworth line the Maumee River and offer shade as you maneuver the Towpath trail. This trail is 9 miles of crushed stone along the scenic river. Access to the trail heads from Providence or Farnsworth.

Running at Swan Creek

Swan Creek is located in the heart of Toledo and offers you an oasis to escape the busy city for a quiet run. There are several trails scattered throughout the park, most notably the 3-mile All Purpose trail. This trail is accessible from either end of the park, but a fitness center is located at the entrance off Airport Highway. 

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New Signs Mark Metroparks Trails

New trail signs in some parks are a sign of things to come for trails throughout the Metroparks. In addition to new posts identifying trails and providing other way-finding information, markers are now spaced every tenth of a mile.

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