Current Conditions.

Paving Closure - Side Cut

The Riverview Area parking lot at Side Cut will be closed for paving Tuesday, May 30.

Trail Closure - Wildwood

A footbridge over the Ottawa River on the Blue Trail at Wildwood (near the Manor House) will be closed for several weeks starting June 1. The bridge is being completely rebuilt by Metroparks staff. It is expected to reopen in August

Kayak Share Lockers

Currently the Kayak Share lockers at Howard Marsh and Blue Creek remain closed. Updates will be posted on the Metroparks Toledo social media pages and on the website.

Dog Park at Middlegrounds 

For the latest updates, such as closures due to wet/muddy conditions, join the Middlegrounds Dog Park Users Facebook Group. The current open/close status is also pinned to the top of the Glass City and Middlegrounds Metroparks Facebook page. The dog park is typically closed after it rains until the turf is dry.

Beach Ridge Singletrack Trail

For frequent updates about trail conditions, join the Oak Openings Mountain Bike Trail Facebook Group.