First urban Metropark now open
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30,000 sq ft of Local History
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Every Metropark is different.

With more than 12,000 acres of protected natural land to explore and 198 miles of trails to traverse, there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the wonder and majesty of nature in northwest Ohio.

Today, there are 19 Metroparks, plus special use areas, regional trails connecting parks, a water trail and two new parks in development.

Metroparks Toledo promotes conservation and restoration, encourages active lifestyles and nurtures lifelong learning and an appreciation for natural resources.

Every Metropark lives and breathes and has an extraordinary story all its own. Some, like Fallen Timbers and Side Cut have remarkable historical assets. Others, such as Oak Opening Preserve and Pearson preserve pieces of our natural history and the handiwork of craftsmen employed by federal Depression era work programs. The Towpath Trail, Miami and Erie Canal and Maumee River are not only terrific recreational venues accessible by Metroparks, they also represent an indispensable part of America’s rich past.

Oak Openings

Oak Openings offers visitors a variety of year-round activities.
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