Manor House Piano Player Was a True Showman


Volunteers and staff at Metroparks mourn the death of John “Bud” Jacobs, longtime piano player at the Manor House.

Last April, Bud was honored by the Manor House Volunteers at a special “Toledo Treasures Tea,” marking his 100th performance at the monthly event. He also performed – always in a tux and bowtie – during Holidays in the Manor House for 17 years, and taught hundreds of aspiring pianists and singers in the Toledo area over six decades.

Bud’s love of people and music was infectious, and his stories were captivating. He frequently talked about his days as a musician playing tea rooms and private parties for audiences that sometimes included famous guests.

“He played with Louis Armstrong and at parties at the home of Charlton Heston,” said Judy Egan, president of the Manor House Volunteers. “He often said that God had given him a talent and he wanted to share his musical gift with others.” 

In true showmanship fashion, Bud relished performing for audiences, who delighted in his talent and charm. He will be greatly missed by many students, friends and fans.


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