Metroparks Toledo is New Name for Regional Park District

Metroparks Toledo is the new, shorter name for the government agency that operates 15 Metroparks totaling more than 12,000 acres in Lucas County.

The Board of Park Commissioners adopted the name by resolution September 27. The regional park district’s legal name, Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Area, remains unchanged.

Since 1971, the park system has gone by the name Metroparks of the Toledo Area. The shorter name, Metroparks Toledo, is reflected in a new logo launched in February 2016 and in the agency’s web address, which has always been

Scott Carpenter, director of public relations, said the park district’s style will be to use the name Metroparks Toledo on first reference and Metroparks on subsequent references in all written communications except when the full legal name is necessary.

The shorter name, like the new logo, was adopted because of changing communication needs. Most people now get their information on small screens, such as smartphones and tablets, where brevity and simplicity are important for clarity and readability.