Park People: Fred Dannhauser


Fred Dannhauser
Metroparks Supporter 

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to raise my level of support for the Metroparks.  I was recently asked what was the thought process that helped make that decision when of course there are so many worthy causes one can support, and it did cause some reflection on my part as noted below.

I first moved to the Greater Toledo Area approximately 35 years ago and lived right next to Swan Creek Metropark.  Being quite a bit younger back then I jogged many times a week in the park and was just amazed as to the beauty of the park and how well maintained the park was.

Now I live about 20 minutes away, yet I still find myself going back as often as time permits.  I walk more than I jog (age will do that) but I think it makes me appreciate even more both the beauty of the park as well despite the excellent infrastructure of the park of 35 years ago all that Metroparks has done to maintain and improve with so many new facilities/activities that benefit all visitors of all ages.

And that is not to say in these 35 years I have not availed myself of many other Metroparks…frankly small or large I feel they each make the community I have come to love just a bit more special and something that creates a lot of pride in my community for me.  Personally, I am glad I can play a small role in this great endeavor.

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