Park People: Humbert Conner


Humbert Conner
Toledo, Ohio

Metroparks lend-a-hand?
VTP-walking, or bicycling, Archery, Tree climbing, canoeing, and other metro-requests. 

Years Volunteered?
Have been volunteering for seven years.

Why giving back to the Community? 
Helping others in a way, helps bury selfishness, making one feel good and worthwhile. Myself...I have always been a very athletic person, thus, helping others, thru Metroparks, is logical, just as a less active person volunteers at hospitals.

Why Volunteering for the Metroparks?
Loving the great outdoors, it is simply wonderful to have the opportunity to be a part of the great Toledo Metroparks system.

My favorite Park? 
Oak Openings Preserve

Favorite trail?
Oak Openings Preserve, Sand Dunes trail or Side Cut, Falling Timbers Trail. 

Favorite Metropark Activity? 
Volunteer Trail Patrol

You might be surprised to know?
I placed, "third in the world," at Archery: with the target set at 180 yards. Although I never missed the target. my score was almost tied with second-place Sweden

The best thing that happened while volunteering at Metroparks?
While on a Swan Creek VTP, we noticed a disturbed adult woman running by. I stopped her and asked, "what's wrong?" She hollered, "The school buses are leaving in ten minutes ... and I'm missing four of my students." when she described them, I told her we can help. My partner remembered which trail they were on. I called the Park Ranger, after naming the trail, I handed the phone to the teacher for a first-hand description. Metroparks moved with impressive speed using electric carts finding the students, and seeing that they weren't left stranded, but happily sitting on the right departing buss.   

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