Where to Find AED Devices in the Metroparks

Automated External Defibrillators are portable lifesaving devises that deliver an electric shock through the chest to the heart to revive victims of sudden cardiac arrest. All of the Metroparks Ranger vehicles are equipped with AEDs for quick response. Rangers are dispatched through the countywide 911 system.

Members of the Volunteer Trail Patrol and the Metroparks staff are trained in first aid/CPR, including the use of AEDs.

About AEDs

AEDs are also available in the following Metroparks locations, and are available when these buildings are in use.

Wildwood Preserve
Metz Visitors Center reception area
Metroparks Hall
Administrative Office, 2nd floor
Ward Pavilion

Packer-Hammersmith Center
Macomber Lodge

Oak Openings Preserve
Buehner Center
Oak Openings Lodge

Nature Photography Center, near the Window on Wildlife entrance

Volunteer Break Room

Swan Creek Preserve
Yager Center, kitchen area

Indianola Shelter

Side Cut
Lamb Center

Fallen Timbers Field Office
(Fallen Timbers Lane in Maumee)