Take the Trail Challenge

Set a Goal and Hit the Trail

Join the trail Challenge!  The new season of the Metroparks Trail Challenge season will have added meaning this year. Trail Challenge - The Wellness Year highlights wellness and joy – two things that are especially important right now.

Sign up, set a goal and hit the trails for your health and well being, while making friends and memories along the way. Everyone enrolled in the Challenge is invited to participate in a Facebook group to share photos, experiences and words of encouragement to others. As always, ALL miles count toward your goal, regardless of where you choose to recreate – miles in a Metropark, in your neighborhood, a City Park, on vacation or anywhere outdoors that you are purposefully accumulating miles.  

  • Registration Fee: $20
  • Runs: June 6, 2020 to June 4, 2021
  • Set your goal(s)

Get Outside Yourself! Reward Levels:

  • Platinum = 2,000 points
  • Gold = 1,000 points
  • Silver = 500 points
  • Bronze = 250 points

How to earn Points:

  • Hiking, walking, running, biking 1 mile = 1 point
  • 1 hour paddling = 3 points
  • Attend a Metroparks program = 25 points
  • Visit all 19 Metroparks = 50 points 
  • All trails in one Metropark = 25 points
  • New to you trail = 10 points
  • Get Grounded in Nature = 10 points
  • Metroparks Membership (new or renew) = 50 points

To Participate:

Trail Challengers Receive:

  • Reward for level completed (prizes to be determined)
  • Entry into private Trail Challenge Facebook group
  • Invitations to special trail hikes, paddle, bike rides, events, special programming, support, etc.
  • Tracking form (will be available to download on June 10, 2020)

Get Outside and Be Well!


Email your completed tracking form to




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