Pond/River Study

Investigate what lives below the surface of ponds and rivers. Students will use scientific field sampling techniques to determine the health of a pond or river. April-September water health will be determined through a macroinvertebrate survey. October-March water health will be determined through chemical analysis.

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Ohio Learning Standards:

Kindergarten: K.LS.1, K.LS.2

1st Grade: 1.LS.1, 1.LS.2

2nd Grade: 2.LS.1, 2.LS.2

3rd Grade: 3.LS.1, 3.LS.2, 3.LS.3

4th Grade: 4.LS.1

5th Grade: 5.LS.1, 5.LS.2

6th Grade: 6.LS.4

7th Grade: 7.LS.1, 7.LS.2

8th Grade: 8.LS.1, 8.LS.2, 8.LS.3

High School: ENV.ER.3: Water and water pollution (Hypoxia, eutrophication, Clean Water Act, Point source and non-point source contamination), ENV.ER.4: Soil and land (Mass movement and erosion, Sediment contamination, Land use and land management), B.DI.2: Ecosystems (Carrying capacity)

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