Farnsworth Playground

Did you know that there is a local fault in the earth's crust? Not only does it exist at Farnsworth Metroparks, but we have re-created it at the Boat Launch Area playground.  This play area is a great area for our younger visitors.  A larger than life turtle and Great Blue Heron welcome children to come explore the wonders of the riverine ecosystem.  The play area also includes a huge buckeye leaf and tunnel slides that lead to a kid-sized climbing wall.  As with many of our other playgrounds, accessibility is a key feature of this play experience.

Park—Farnsworth Metropark

Park Entrance Address: 8801 S. River Road, Waterville, Ohio 43566

Parking Location: Link to Map

Getting to the Facility: 120 feet from the parking lot.

Features and Amenities—Farnsworth Playground

Playground: The playground surface is a poured in place sponge and the equipment available is:

Restrooms: Are 145 feet from the playground.

Shelter Style: The Timber Shelter is available for reservations and it is 25 feet from the playground.

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