Oak Openings Playground

The Oak Openings ecosystem is one of the rarest on Earth and we are blessed to have it in our own backyard! The refurbished playground at Mallard Lake is designed to honor the special natural features that make the Oak Openings such a treasure. Kids can climb over a badger or over-sized acorns to access a two-story Oak tree to get views that are normally only available to our Flying Squirrels. The playground also features unique play elements like a zip line and large hill with at-grade slides.

Park—Oak Openings Preserve Metropark

Park Entrance Address: 4139 Girdham Rd., Swanton, OH 43558

Getting to the Facility: The playground is located 150 feet from the parking lot.

Features and Amenities—Oak Openings Playground

Playground: There is an Arch Swingset, two (2) large play structures, a zip line, swings, a tot swing and a hill with a tunnel and slides.

Restrooms: The playground is located 180 feet from the restrooms.

Shelter Style: The Mallard Lake Shelter is located 190 feet (across the swinging bridge) from the playground. The Buehner Center is located 200 feet from the playground.

Additional Information: The playground surface is made from wood and rubber mulch. Mallard Lake is nearby.

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