Swan Creek Playground - Glendale Entrance

The playground at Swan Creek's Glendale Area features some of the park district's tallest slides and large net tower to satisfy even the most adventurous of kids.  These unique play elements as well as a dragonfly teeter totter and leaf-shaped climbers provide a fun mix of experiences for all ages of children.  We have also incorporated an elliptical machine adjacent to the play structure so that Mom and Dad can stay active along with their kids.

Park—Swan Creek Preserve Metropark

Park Entrance Address: 4000 Glendale Avenue (Glendale Entrance)

Parking Location: Link to Map

Getting to the Facility: is located 455 feet

Features and Amenities—Swan Creek Playground - Glendale Entrance

Playground: The equipment located at the playground is a large climber with three (3) slides, rope walk and bongo drums for ages 5 to 12. Swing Set with 2 belt swings, 1 enclosed tot swing and a handicap safety swing. Large rope climbing tower, dragonfly teeter totter and an elliptical machine. The playground surface has a play approved rubberized astroturf and bark mulch.

Restrooms: The restroom is 1,080 feet from the playground

Additional Information: There is a pergola 620 feet from the playground. Each playground has a large picnic area with charcoal grills and picnic tables and drinking fountains are nearby.

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