Wildwood Playground

The play area at Wildwood was designed with a forest and field concept in mind.  Natural features such as turtles, frogs, bees, and butterflies were incorporated in the play experience. Design elements for children of all ages and abilities are incorporated in this play area.  A merry-go-round, multi-user disk swing, large play structure, and accent on accessibility are unique features that set this playground apart from other playgrounds in the area.

Park—Wildwood Preserve Metropark

Park Entrance Address: 5100 W. Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43615 (Main Entrance)

Parking Location: Link to Map

Getting to the Facility: The playground is 45 feet from the parking lot.

Features and Amenities—Wildwood Playground (Main Entrance)

Tables and Chairs: There are park benches and picnic tables around the playground.

Playground: The equipment installed at the playground is 4 slides, honeycomb to climb and go through, rope bridge encased on 4 sides, toddler swings, parent/toddler swing, swings for independent children, merry-go-round, monkey bars, toadstools, saucer swing and several climbing apparatuses. Playground surface material is comprised of wood mulch, a rubber spray and rubber matting.

Restrooms: The restroom is 80 feet from the playground.

Shelter Style: There is one picnic shelter approximately 200 feet from the playground (Whitetail Shelter)

Additional Information: There are bike racks, drinking fountain and a large recreation field next to the playground.

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