Adaptive Archery: Bow Stand & Draw Loc

Try out archery or expand your skills at an archery try-it, archery rentals, private lessons, our beginner-friendly archery league, or themed shoots. Adaptive equipment is available at all archery programs and rental.

The draw loc is an adaptive device that holds a bow at full draw and uses a trigger mechanism to fire. This set up can assist many archers with muscle weakness that prevents them from using a bare bow. We have one draw loc on a Genesis mini bow that can be hand-held, and one draw loc on a Genesis original bow that mounts to the adaptive bow stand for archers that need assistance supporting the weight of the bow. The adaptive bow stand can be raised or lowered to fit an archer that is seated or standing. Available at all archery rentals and programs.

Equipment only available at Metroparks Archery Programs or Archery Rental Equipment Programs. 


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