Adaptive Paddling: Transfer Aids

Adaptive paddling equipment is available by request that can meet many needs. Equipment is available by request at any paddle, but certain paddling locations are more accessible than others. Please contact the program leader or Ashley Smith at 419-265-2920 to determine if the program location meets your needs. Tandem kayaks and adaptive paddling gear that adjusts boat fit, provides grip adaptations, and provides transfer assistance are available.

Our kayak chariot allows for transfers to occur on flat, level surfaces. Once the paddler is in the kayak, the chariot can be wheeled down a boat ramp or other inclined launch surface and floated into the water for an easy launch. Works in conjunction with the Hoyer lift or kayak chariot transfer bench as needed. The kayak chariot transfer bench provides a flat, smooth transfer surface at wheel chair height when installed on the kayak chariot. A removable transfer board allows the paddler to slide over the cockpit of the kayak, which can then be removed to allow the paddler to lower into the kayak. A transfer board is available to assist with transferring to the bench. A Hoyer lift and sling is also available and works in conjunction with the kayak chariot.


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