Adaptive Tree Climbing: Super System

Explore the tree-tops and enjoy a new view of your Metroparks at beginner-friendly try-it programs, relax with hammocking at height programs, or make unique memories during guided canopy tours, night climbs, overnight snoozes at height, and more! Adaptive tree climbing gear is available by request at all tree climbing programs, but certain climbing trees are more accessible than others. Please contact the program leader or Ashley Smith at 419-265-2920 to determine if the program location meets your needs.

Out typical tree climbing system requires climbers to move 1/2 of their body weight on each climbing cycle. The super system uses pulleys to create a mechanical advantage, which reduces the climbers resistance to 1/3 of their body weight. Super systems are available at all tree climbing programs. Notify your instructor at the start of the program if you wish to try the super system.



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