Adaptive Tricycle

The Adaptive Tricycles have MOVED to Wildwood! Hit the trails and set out on an adventure with the freedom of an adaptive tricycle. Tricycles offer a stable ride and reduce the risk of falls for all riders. Our recumbent tricycles also have a comfortable seat back that provide back support for riders, and a horizontal pedaling motion that some riders prefer. The tricycles can be rented for personal use free of charge.

Adaptive Recumbent Tricycle Reservation

If you need assistance filling out this form or if you have questions, please call 419-407-9700.

There are four models of adaptive tricycles available to rent. They are: a Sunseeker Eco Delta SX, a Versa Trike, Trailmate Joyrider, and an Atlas Sun Cargo Trike.

For specifics on each individual model please download the Adaptive Tricycle Information sheet [PDF]


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