Try canoeing with beginner-friendly canoe rentals, or enjoy unique paddling opportunities in your Metroparks with history-themed or river clean-up paddles. All boats, lifejackets, paddles, and paddling safety gear are provided on all paddles. Adaptive paddling gear is available by request at any paddle.

Old Town Discovery 158 (15'8" long) and 169 (16'9" long) models available. Canoes can hold 2 paddlers on seats and 1-2 additional riders on the floor of the canoe depending on their size. Max weight is 1150 lbs. for the Discovery 158, or 1400 lbs. for the Discovery 169.  Paddles are available in a range of sizes to accommodate all heights. Personal floatation devices are available that accommodate chest sizes from 20-60 inches.


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