Oak Openings Hiking Trail

At 15.3 miles, long this trail provides one of the true long-distance hiking trails in the area. The length of this trail provides a truly unique experience. It affords a view of almost all of Oak Openings natural features. Many hikers find it enjoyable to explore the trail over two days, camping overnight at Springbrook or White Oak area. Access this trail at the Springbrook Lire Area, Evergreen Lake or White Oak picnic areas.  This trail also intersects with the new mountain bike trail, so watch for cyclists as you are hiking by.

The trail is sometimes called the “Scout Trail” because of its popularity and history with local scouts. Boy Scouts have used this trail to earn their hiking merit badge for more than 60 years.

Maintained as a primitive trail, downed trees and wet locations may be encountered occasionally along the way.

Parking for this trail can be found at Springbrook Campground Area, Evergreen Lake or White Oak Campground.

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