Drones Prohibited

The use of drones on Metroparks property is prohibited by the park system's Rules and Regulations.

15.0 Aviation 15.1 Aircraft, Balloon, Parachute
No person shall voluntarily bring into, land, or cause to descend or alight upon the park and/or waters owned, controlled or used in the District by the Board, any airplane, helicopter, balloon, parachute or other apparatus for aviation

Questions and special requests related to rules and regulations can be submitted in writing on the Contact page.

Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) permits available for Westwinds Metropark

Unmanned aircraft, including drones and remote control models, may be flown only at Westwinds Metropark with a permit. For more information call (419) 407-9701.

Click Here to download the permit application

Click Here for safety guidelines

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