Back to the Nest for Baby Owl


A baby barred owl that fell out of its nest at Secor Metropark was safely returned home May 6.

Visitors found the owlet at the base of a tree. It was too young to even stand, so Nature’s Nursery wildlife rehabilitation center cared for it

700 SecorOwletReturn-001.jpg
700 SecorOwletReturn-027.jpg

They located the nest and confirmed that there was another baby, so they knew an adult would be coming back. Brian Lang of Outdoor Inspirations climbed the tree 50 feet to return the baby to the nest.


700 SecorOwletReturn-060.jpg
700 SecorOwletReturn-032.jpg

Metroparks Nature Photographer Art Weber was there to document the occasion in the pictures above.

Local wildlife filmmaker Alex Goetz made the video below.

About Raptors

Raptors (hawks, eagles and owls) are key indicators of a healthy ecosystem and crucial to maintaining a balance in nature. Barred owls use habitats such as riparian forests, wooded swamps and forested upland areas for nesting. Metroparks has embarked on an expansive reforestation project, adding tens of thousands of trees to habitats that barred owls will in the future. A volunteer Breeding Raptor Monitor project collects data about the abundance of these birds in our region.