For the Love of Birds


During spring, Metroparks asks that all park visitors be extra mindful of trail etiquette because of nesting birds. Please follow these guidelines from naturalists that support Metropark rules and regulations for a successful bird breeding season:

birds - Barred Owl -027.jpg (1)

Stay on and in the middle of trails. Birds sometimes nest right along trail edges.

If you see an active nest or young birds, keep your distance and do not linger. Your presence can expose them to life-threatening cool air, especially if it causes adult birds to flush from their nests. Human scent also attracts predators.

To optimize bird safety in high traffic, public parklands, avoid the temptation to share specific nest locations.

Walk away from a great photo before you put wildlife at risk. If your goal is to get up close photos or linger for several minutes, remember that the birds’ protection is more important.

Honor any signs that designate an area as “closed.” Use another trail or view birds from the edge of that area.


Photos: Above, barred owl; top, Lark sparrow

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