Librarian Picks Celebrate National Poetry Month


Recommended reading on nature related topics from librarians at the Toledo Lucas County Public  Library.

Upstream: Selected Essays
by Mary Oliver

Inspired by Walt Whitman, through whose work she first understood that a poem is a temple, “a place to enter, and in which to feel,” poet Mary Oliver meditates on the forces that allowed her to create a life for herself out of work and love. As she writes, “I could not be a poet without the natural world. Someone else could. But not me. For me the door to the woods is the door to the temple.” 

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Daniel Finds a Poem
by Micha Archer

What is poetry? Is it glistening morning dew? Spider thinks so. Is it crisp leaves crunching? That’s what Squirrel says. The magical thing is that poetry is in everyone, and Daniel is on his way to discovering a poem of his own after spending time in nature with his animal friends. 

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The Earth Gives More
by Sue Fliess

From leaves falling and becoming fertilizer to raindrops bringing plants to life in the spring, the cycle of every season has something to enjoy. This sweet rhyming story follows the change in seasons and illustrates how we can all be stewards of the Earth. 

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