Metroparks Technology Explorer: Middlegrounds Metropark

Let your smart technology guide you on a geocaching-style adventure along the scenic Maumee River. This fun journey will show you all the features the park has to offer. Load the following GPS points into your smart device to start your adventure. At each stop search for an information card to discover what’s happening at that spot. No smart device? No problem! Make it a scavenger hunt. All information cards will be visible from the trail. Please stay on the trail and do not collect or damage any of the nature items you discover.

Location: Middlegrounds Metropark
Address: 111 Ottawa Street, Toledo, OH 43604

Middlegrounds Map:

The course follows the walk/bike path beginning at the Roundhouse Shelter.
Course Distance: 1 mile round trip; approximate time to complete: 30-45 minutes

Stop 1: Birdhouse; N41.63807, W83.53471  Go >

Stop 2: Sycamore Tree; N41.63671, W83.53452  Go>

Stop 3: Hammocking Spot; N41.63564, W83.53400  Go>

To start the course click "Go >" on Stop 1 to automatically load the first stop into your maps app, or load your GPS points into your smart device manually by opening Google Maps and typing your coordinates into the search bar at the top. Enter the coordinates exactly as they appear, including letters, spaces, decimals, and commas. Enter one coordinate at a time, then click navigate. Follow your device’s instructions to the marked location. At that location press "Go >" for the next stop or enter the coordinates for the next stop and repeat.

Stop 1: Birdhouse

Look up! Notice the birdhouse that is high among the trees. This house offers birds protection from the elements and predators. It also provides a safe location for them to build their nests and lay their eggs. House Wrens are small brown songbirds that are very common in this area and will frequently use this birdhouse—see if you can spot one!

Stop 2: Sycamore

Notice the bark of this tree and how it changes colors as you look higher up into the tree. This is a Sycamore tree. Sycamores are known for having white colored tops. Often found near the water, these trees can grow to be over 100 feet tall! You may also hear Sycamores referred to as buttonwood trees. This is because of the fruit that the tree produces.

Stop 3: Hammocking Spot

Hang out and stay a while! This spot of Middlegrounds contains trees that are specifically designated for hammocking. When hammocking, it is important to pay attention to tree selection. You should avoid hammocking on Oak trees. This is because Oak trees suffer from Oak wilt, a disease that can kill a mature and healthy Oak tree in just two years. By not hammocking on Oak trees, you are preventing the potential spread of this disease.

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