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Now is always a great time to visit. 

There’s always something to do at a Metropark, and always something new to learn. Metroparks offer a number of free or low-cost educational programs and events for children and adults. 

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take advantage of structured programs and events. You’ll experience stunning scenery close to home. You’ll see history where it happened. Best of all, you’re sure to learn something new while gaining an even greater appreciation for the natural world.

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Board Meeting February 22

The Metroparks Board of Park Commissioners will meet Wednesday, February 22 at 8:30 a.m. in the Living Room of the Manor House at Wildwood Preserve, 5100 W. Central Avenue.

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Whooo’s Nesting in February?

The “Tiger of the Woods,” more commonly known as the great-horned owl, is our earliest nesting bird in Ohio. Measuring approximately 20-25 inches tall (the female larger than the male), with a wingspan of about 5 feet, it is also Ohio’s largest resident owl and one very fierce predator.

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