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Now is always a great time to visit. 

There’s always something to do at a Metropark, and always something new to learn. Metroparks offer a number of free or low-cost educational programs and events for children and adults. 

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take advantage of structured programs and events. You’ll experience stunning scenery close to home. You’ll see history where it happened. Best of all, you’re sure to learn something new while gaining an even greater appreciation for the natural world.

Latest From Our Blog

Boardwalk Installed At Howard Marsh

Howard Marsh is looking more like a Metropark every day. This week, work began on installing a boardwalk trail that will take future visitors into the restored wetland. A portion of the 1,000-acre park is set to be completed this year and open early in 2018.

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Trail Detour Ahead: Wildwood Red Trail

Work has progressed on the Red Trail boardwalk replacement project at Wildwood. Beginning Monday, March 27, the project will require a temporary rerouting of the existing trail using a short loop.

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