Cannaley Treehouse Village

About The Treehouse Village

The Cannaley Treehouse Village is the largest public overnight treehouse site in the country, creating an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. Treehouse Village includes tree-attached raised platforms for tent and hammock camping and separate treehouse structures complete with electricity, electric-heat/air conditioning and some composting toilets.

Treehouse Village Features

  • A six-person treehouse
  • A four-person treehouse
  • Two, 2-person treehouses
  • Three tent/hammock platforms for camping in the trees
  • A common treehouse with seating for up to 49 people (day use only; ADA accessible)
  • A crow’s nest
  • A canopy walk linking the common treehouse to the crow's nest 


The Cannaley Treehouse Village is located in the Beach Ridge area of Oak Openings Preserve.


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Creating a Destination

The 500-acre Beach Ridge Area of Oak Openings, including Treehouse Village, is a compelling, unique new way for people to connect with the outdoors. This destination for local and out-of-town outdoor enthusiasts features:

  • Treehouse Village
  • A new, 12-mile singletrack mountain bike trail and skills development course

Additionally, Metroparks will be hosting regular public events and programming at Beach Ridge and Treehouse Village to give the community access to this unique location.


Reservations & Rental Rates

To ensure opportunity for a broad segment of the population to stay at Treehouse Village, an occupancy cap will be established for traditional rentals. Monday and Tuesday nights will be reserved for community outreach, programming, camps and subsidized stays. The treehouse structures will be priced at a rate that maintains accessibility for all. The four private treehouses and three tent/hammock platforms are available to rent for overnight stays. The common treehouse may be reserved for daytime and evening (but not overnight) group gatherings. And for that truly special event, the entire Treehouse Village may be reserved – available 4 weekends per year.

Overnight Accommodations

6 Person Treehouse

Rental Rate: $225 per night
Member Rate: $200 per night

4 Person Treehouse

Rental Rate: $200 per night
Member Rate: $175 per night

2 Person Treehouse

Rental Rate: $150 per night
Member Rate: $125 per night

Hammock Platform

Rental Rate: $30 per night
Member Rate: $20 per night

Tent Platform

Rental Rate: $30 per night
Member Rate: $20 per night

Day Use

Common Treehouse

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Rental Rate: $500 per day
Member Rate: $450 per day

Extended Hours 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Rental Rate: $750 per day
Member rate: $650 per day



Common Fire Pit (Wood Provided)


Entire Treehouse Village Rental

Friday & Saturday Nights, available once per quarter
Rental Rate: $5,000 for two nights
Member rate: $4,900 for two nights

Make Your Stay An Experience

  • Tree Climbing: Facilitated tree climb at the Treehouse Village Climbing Tree.
  • Mountain Biking: Guided 2-3 hour mountain bike adventure on the Beach Ridge Singletrack Trail.
  • Maumee Kayaking Adventure: Self-guided paddle based out of the Farnsworth concession with transportation from Treehouse Village to Farnsworth.
  • Guided Backpacking/Hiking Adventure: Guided hiking adventure within the Oak Openings Region. Transportation from Treehouse Village to hiking location and return trip provided. Campfire snack upon completing the hike.
  • Romance Package: A dozen roses and a box of chocolates. 
  • Catering Package: Have your event catered, including food, beverages, tableware, and linens.
  • Photo Package: 45-minute session at a location of your choice.

Responsible Development

The Treehouse Village is in large part a result of the generous support of the local community through the Metroparks Toledo Foundation.

Private contributions made to the Foundation will fund the development of the Treehouse Village. Metroparks financial plan provides for the expected operations costs, which will be covered by revenue from rental fees.

Metroparks Toledo has established a local team of experts to complete the design and construction of the Treehouse Village. The team will help ensure that the community project is completed responsibly and is cost effective.


  • Where is the Village Located?

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  • How do I gain access to my rental treehouse?

  • What if I need assistance during my stay?

  • Is there a Fire pit?

  • What furniture is provided in the Treehouses?

  • What’s in the kitchen?

  • Are the treehouses heated and air conditioned?

  • Do I bring my own linens?

  • Where to park?

  • Where are the restrooms?

  • Where are the showers?

  • Where can I get water?

  • Can I bring my pet?

  • Is smoking permitted?

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