Park People: Leo and Sharon Knox


Leo and Sharon Knox

Members and Treehouse Supporters 

Leo and Sharon Knox met in Toledo on a blind date more than 50 years ago.  The one thing that they had in common then, and now, is their love and appreciation for nature.  They have always been year-round users of their Metroparks.  Early in their marriage, they enjoyed summer picnics, afternoon walks and winters on the ice at Side Cut.  And, when they had their family, the experiences extended…hiking, camping and playing along the Maumee River parks are just some of their precious memories with their children.

Leo said that “Metroparks was a place for our family to get away.  We want our parks to be around for future generations.  These parks are viable to our community and that’s why we support Metroparks mission.”

For more than 18 years the Knox family continues to enhance their support through their membership; which lends additional support to many Metroparks initiatives that may not otherwise be possible. But recently, Leo and Sharon became excited about another Metroparks project…treehouses!   The couple said that “the project is unique for this area.  Every kid wants a treehouse.  This is a nice experience for families.”

Leo and Sharon support many organizations in the region, but the reason why Metroparks is near and dear to them is because “Metroparks stays true to their vision and their promise to take care of what they already have.  We want these parks to be around for generations to come!”



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