Geology of Northwest Ohio

Discover geologic forces that shaped Northwest Ohio and learn about what rocks and minerals are found under the ground. Students will search for real life examples of weathering, erosion, deposition, and glacial striations on the trails and make comparisons between the types of organsims that lived long ago and those that exist today through fossil study.

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Ohio Learning Standards:

Kindergarten: K.PS.1

1st Grade: 1.ESS.2, 1.LS.2

2nd Grade: 2.LS.2

3rd Grade: 3.ESS.1, 3.ESS.2, 3.ESS.3

4th Grade: 4.ESS.1, 4.ESS.2, 4.ESS.3

6th Grade: 6.ESS.1, 6.ESS.2, 6.ESS.3

7th Grade: 7.LS.2

8th Grade: 8.ESS.2, 8.ESS.3, 8.ESS.4

High School: PG.IMS.1: Igneous (Mafic and felsic rocks and minerals, Extrusive (volcanic activity, volcanoes: cinder cones, composite, shield) PG.IMS.2: Metamorphic (Pressure, stress, temperature and compressional forces, Foliated (regional), non-foliated (contact)) PG.IMS.3: Sedimentary (Division of sedimentary rocks and minerals (chemical, clastic/physical, organic)) PG.EH.1: The geologic rock record (Principles to determine relative age: Superposition, The geologic time scale: Comprehending geologic time, Fossil record), PG.GG.1: Glaciers and glaciation (Evidence of past glaciers (including features formed through erosion or deposition), Glacial deposition and erosion, Glacial distribution and causes of glaciation, Glacial structure, formation and movement)

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