Granger Island Tent Platforms

Park—Farnsworth Metropark

Park Entrance Address: Access is primarily by canoe or kayak. The renting season is Memorial Day Weekend through October 15 or until water temps reach 60 degrees or below.

Parking Location: Link to Map

Getting to the Facility: Parking will be at Waterworks Park to allow walk-in access across the river. The site is walkable across the river when water levels are at 2-1/2 feet or lower based on the USGS website. Paddle in access will be limited to river levels above 2-1/2 feet but under 5 feet.

Price: Campsites rent for $25 per night for an individual site.

Hours: Check-in is 3 p.m. Check-out is noon the following day. Camping is available Memorial Day through October 15 or water temps reach 60 degrees or below.

Capacity: There are 2 campsites. Each campsite can accommodate two (2) 12' by 12' tent. No more than 8 people per campsite. No more than 2 pets per campsite and you must clean-up after your pet. Each campsite can have up to two (2) additional guest visit until two hours before dusk.

Call 419-407-9700 to check availability or make a reservation.

Features and Amenities—Granger Island Tent Platforms

Tables and Chairs: Picnic Table provided at each campsite.

Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted at this shelter or in any Metropark.

Fireplace: Services include fire rings, collecting firewood is permitted on Granger Island but the cutting of standing and/or live trees is strictly prohibited.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside the facility and within 25 feet of the facility entrance.

Restrooms: Composting toilet is available on the island.

Trash: Carry in and Carry Out

Additional Information: Tents and sleeping bags are not provided. In case of an emergency call the Ranger on Duty at (419) 407-9718. If this is a medical emergency please call 911. Please call Customer Service (419) 407-9701 during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 9 a.m to 5 p.m., for additional information. Metroparks has the right to cancel reservations when there is impending bad weather or predictions of rising water that could affect the safety of our guests and lastly, those boating are required to have a licensed vessel with all appropriate gear and equipment required to have. No inner tubes or inflatable boats that are not approved by the Coast Guard.

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