Miami Shelter

Park—Providence Metropark

Park Entrance Address: 13200 U.S. Route 24, Grand Rapids, Ohio, 43522

Parking Location: Link to Map

Getting to the Facility: The historic area parking lot is approximately 300 feet from the shelter. Parking is not guaranteed for any event.

Price: $50

Hours: 9 a.m. to dark

Capacity: 50

Check availability and Reserve

Have questions about reservations? Call 419-407-9700.

Features and Amenities—Miami Shelter

Tables and Chairs: There are 6 non-movable 8ft. picnic tables at this shelter.

Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted at this shelter or in any Metropark.

Playground: The nearest playground is approximately 200 feet from the shelter. This playground has a wide range of equipment.

Electrical Outlets: There is no electricity available at this shelter.

Grill(s): There are charcoal grills nearby.

Restrooms: The nearest restrooms are approximately 300 feet from the shelter.

Shelter Style: Covered with 4 open sides.

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