Oak Openings Evergreen Trail

The Evergreen Trail begins at Oak Openings Lodge and passes through stands of non-native evergreen trees, as well as open areas, sand dunes, and native prairie. Ground nesting birds such as field sparrows, as well as the state-endangered lark sparrow nest in the openings.  Special care needs to be taken when walking this trail during May and June, as these birds often nest very close by. Pileated woodpeckers, yellow-throated vireos, summer tanagers and pine warblers are often seen and heard in these habitats. Eastern bluebirds can be viewed nesting in the wooden nest boxes placed in this vicinity.  Prairie wildflowers such as rough blazing star and tall coreopsis highlight this area during July.

The pines, which were planted decades ago for erosion control, are reaching the end of their natural life and some have been removed for safety reasons. They are not being replaced, as Metroparks continues its efforts to restore the rare, natural Oak Openings prairie and savanna habitats.

Parking for this trail can be found at Mallard Lake Area or Oak Openings Lodge Area.


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